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Setting Up Step-Up Authentication
Setting Up Step-Up Authentication

Add an extra level of security to your Txt2Give account.

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In our continued efforts to provide you with an experience that balances convenience with security, we are happy to offer Step-Up Authentication. 

Step-Up Authentication offers an extra level of security for administrative actions that we've deemed the most sensitive. Below you'll find a quick walk-thru on how to set-up up Step-Up Authentication on your Txt2Give account.

If you prefer to follow along in a step-by-step video, you can find it at the bottom of this page.

Enabling Step-Up Authentication

Click on My Account, then Settings. Once on the Settings page, click on the menu bubble in the top right corner and select Edit. Scroll down until you find the General Settings, there you will find the check box to enable Step-up Authentication.

Step-Up Authentication in Action

Now that you have Step-Up Authentication enabled, you will be prompted to step up your level of authentication when you try to perform tasks that are deemed "sensitive" in the dashboard. An example might be changing a payment gateway, which would reroute donation funds to another bank account. 

The authentication process looks like this:

It's important to note that you will only be asked to authenticate your identity once per session.  That is, you won't be asked to go through this process for subsequent sensitive tasks.

Step-Up Authentication Options

If you prefer not to have the verification code sent to your phone, you can also choose to use the Google Authenticator App, which can be downloaded from the place that's appropriate for your particular mobile device. 

After you've successfully authenticated using the text message method, you can edit your user preferences and switch to Google Authenticator. 

To do so, click on your name in the top right corner of the header. Then, click Edit User. From there you will see the Step-Up Authentication Method drop-down where you can switch to Google Authenticator.

Now when you are asked to step up your level of authentication, you will see the process below:

Each 6 digit code expires after 30 seconds, at which time it will issue you a new 6 digit code. The revolving codes will help prevent anyone from intercepting and using the codes to log in - posing as you.

Step-up Authentication Demo

Here's a video showing the entire setup process, and how Step-up Authentication works in practice.

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