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Connecting TouchPoint & Txt2Give
Connecting TouchPoint & Txt2Give
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There are a few steps to link your Txt2Give account to your TouchPoint account before they will fully integrate correctly.

If you'd like to follow along using a step-by-step video, here it is:

Otherwise, keep reading.

We'll start in your Touchpoint account. Under Administration, click on Lookup Codes.

Next click on Roles.

Click Add Role.

Click on the name of the New Role, edit it to read APIOnly (case sensitive). Then click the checkbox to confirm the edit.

Now, we're going to add another Role. Repeat the previous steps in renaming the Role, this time rename to APIWrite (case sensitive).

Next, click on People, then Add Person.

The system will ask you to search for a person, skip this step.

We recommend naming this "new person" Txt2Give. You can leave the other details empty.

No need to fill out any address info. Just clear those fields and click Submit.

Click Commit and Add.

Next, under the System tab, then under User Account, click Add User.

We recommend keeping the user name txt2give, then create a password.

Next, you'll need to assign roles to the new user that you've created. Check APIOnly and APIWrite under Custom.

Next you will need to contact TouchPoint and request they add the Developer role to this new user you've just created.  Once they've done that, refresh this page and make sure all three roles are checked as below.

In the top right corner, click the drop down menu and select Edit.

At the bottom of the page, you'll find the ChMS settings. Select TouchPoint and enter the username and password for the new TouchPoint user you created. When finished, click Update Organization.

To find the TouchPoint API Subdomain, switch back over to your TouchPoint account.  You can find the subdomain in the address bar here:

After you've finished entering the TouchPoint details in the ChMS settings, click Save.

Now you need to link each of your Txt2Give Causes to the correct TouchPoint Fund.

Go to the Causes view by selecting Giving, then Causes.

Then for each Cause, click View:

Then under each Location checkbox, select the proper TouchPoint Fund.  If you don't see any Funds in the drop down it likely means that you've either entered the TouchPoint username or password incorrectly, or you don't have the proper Roles set up in Touchpoint from earlier. When finished, click Update Cause.

Note: Don't forget that when you add new Funds in TouchPoint, if you want them available in Txt2Give you'll need to create a new Cause and link it to the TouchPoint Fund.

That's it!  Your TouchPoint account is now linked to your Txt2Give account.  Now it's time to make a test donation to make sure everything works. 

Once you've made a test donation, login to your TouchPoint account, search for the donations and confirm that donation has been correctly routed from your Txt2Give account.

If you have any questions, just let us know!

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