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Connecting Txt2Give to Planning Center Online.
Connecting Txt2Give to Planning Center Online.
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There are a few steps to link your Txt2Give account to your PCO account before they will fully integrate correctly.

The first step is logging into the Giving section of your PCO account and adding a new external Payment  Source.  To do this, simply click on Manage, then Payment Sources.  Then, click Add a new Payment Source.

Name the new payment source something like Txt2Give.

Next log into your Txt2Give dashboard. Once logged in, click My Account, then Settings. Once on the Settings page, click Edit Organization (found in the menu button in the top right corner). From here, you'll scroll down to the bottom of the page and in the ChMS Settings, select Planning Center Online. Then click Update Organization.

After you've clicked Update Organization, scroll back down to the bottom of the Settings page and click Connect to Planning Center Online.

From there, you should be directed to log in to your Planning Center Online account. Type in your username and password to continue.

Once you've successfully authenticated with your PCO credentials, you'll be redirected back to the Txt2Give dashboard with a message telling you it was successful.  Next, edit your organization once again and select the new external Payment Source you created earlier, and click Update

NOTE: You cannot use the Planning Center Payment Source with Txt2Give.  It will not work.

Next, edit each Txt2Give Cause and select the appropriate PCO Fund from the Fund dropdown and click Update Cause.

That's it!  Now when donations are sent to PCO from Txt2Give, they will look something like below.  Notice the Txt2Give Payment Source in the description line.

Important: Refunds

The Planning Center API currently does not allow 3rd party systems like ours to initiate and record refunds in PCO.  We've requested that this functionality be added to their API.  In the meantime, you will need to follow these steps to do a refund:

  1. Refund the donation in Txt2Give

  2. Refund the donation in your PCO dashboard

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