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Connect Txt2Give to Sage Payment Solutions
Connect Txt2Give to Sage Payment Solutions

This article will help you locate your Merchant ID (MID) and Merchant Key (M_KEY) in order to connect your Sage gateway to Txt2Give.

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You'll need two pieces of information from your Sage Payment Solutions account in order to connect it to your Txt2Give account: Merchant ID Number, which is also referred to as the MID, and Merchant Key Number, also known as the M_KEY.

To locate these, you'll need to be logged into your Payment Center dashboard.  Once there, you can find them under the Settings menu item, then click MID/M_KEY.

You can follow detailed instructions with screenshots on Sage's knowledge base here.

Creating the Gateway Connection

Once you've found the MID and M_KEY, the next step is to create the Gateway in the Txt2Give Dashboard.  

  1. Click My Account, then Gateways, and New Gateway 

  2. Select Sage Payment Solutions from the drop down

  3. Enter the MID and M_KEY into the fields and click Create Gateway

That's it!  Your Sage gateway is now connected to your Txt2Give account.

Test the Connection

Now that you've got the connection established, you'll want to test it to make sure it's working properly and that you've entered the information correctly.

  1. Make a small donation.  (The smallest donation amount you can make is $1, unless you've set your own minimum donation amount.)

  2. Make sure to complete it all the way through, including the donor registration form if this is your first time giving through our system.

  3. Check your Sage Payment Center dashboard to ensure the donation shows up.

  4. Now follow the donation refund process and make sure the refund shows up correctly in your Sage account.


If all goes well, you're all set and ready to start using Sage to process your donation transactions.  If the test donation failed, it's likely that the MID or M_KEY was entered incorrectly.

First check the error message in the donation details page of our dashboard.  If it's not clear based on the error message, you'll need to contact Sage to see why the transaction failed.

If you do need to re-enter your MID or M_KEY because they were entered incorrectly, you'll need to deactivate the existing Sage gateway in our dashboard, then create a new one.  There is no way to edit credentials on a gateway.

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