After signing up for a Txt2Give plan, the most commonly asked question is; how do we start receiving donations? In this article, I will explain in steps how to do this.

First, you need to set up your payment gateway. You can make a choice from the list of supported payment gateways, and one of the most used payment gateways is Stripe. That's what we recommended to our users, it is more flexible, the processing rates are low, and it easily allows donors to set up recurring donations.

After setting up your payment gateway, it's time to complete a $1 test donation. This is to confirm that your payment gateway is properly connected, and you can start receiving donations. The way to do this is to text a keyword to your giving/inbound number. The default keyword is "GIVE" and you can find your giving/inbound number on the settings page of your account.

Open your messaging app and text the keyword to your giving number in this format - "Give" to "(417) 221-5493". It will display a series of interactive prompts that you need to follow to get the payment link.

Click on the payment link and input your payment details, submit, and your donation will successfully be received.

It is the same process your donors will follow. They simply need to do the following:

  1. Text the keyword to your giving number

  2. Follow the prompts to select a cause to donate to

  3. Click the payment link to complete the donation

Easy-peasy. It gets even easier with subsequent donations - only the first two steps are necessary to complete the donation, and the payment will be automatic after confirming the amount to be donated.

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