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During / After Launch
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Do a Live Demo

This is the #1 thing that has shown the most success with donors. We really encourage you to make it a part of your launch strategy. Doing a live demo shows your donors how quick and easy it is to give to your organization now and because giving with Txt2Give is so easy - it will become the preferred way of giving in no time!

Doing a live donation also helps ease anyone that might be skeptical about trying it. When they see that the core leadership using it, it builds trust and they are more willing to use it as well. The live donation also gives your donors a chance to try it out on the spot and see for themselves how convenient and secure it is to give. Don’t forget to encourage them to save the number to their contacts to make future giving even quicker the next time.

Advertise your Giving Number

Here are a few ways you can let people know about your new giving option:

  • Post on your social media accounts

  • Dedicate a page or section on your website - this lets donors easily find your giving number incase the forgot to save it to their contacts

  • emails - simply include the giving info in a signature line so that it is always there for the donor to see, or use

  • newsletters

  • printed materials

  • t-shirts

  • give aways

Keep Donors Regularly Engaged

Donors love to see how their donations are helping, so make sure that you are letting them know that on a regular basis. A quick video posted to your social media account or website, or an email / text about what great things their donation allowed you to accomplish goes a long way with donors!! Statistically, it makes them give more often, and more overall to your organization.

Speaking of giving more often. Why not encourage them to support you on a regular basis by setting up a recurring donation? They will already be asked if they would like to do this in the text giving process, but it’s a little different when an actual human asks them instead of a text message.

When donors setup a recurring donation, statistically their overall giving increases by an average of 42% , as opposed to just making a one time gift. Think of all the awesome things that your organization could do with that extra 42% per donor!

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