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Labeling Donations in Planning Center
Labeling Donations in Planning Center

Assign Keyword Labels for Planning Center Donations

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Did you know that you can add keyword labels to donations that are pushed into Planning Center? Check out the video at the end of this article or keep reading for step-by-step instructions.

Planning Center Account:

In the Giving Section of the account, click Manage > Labels. Then just create the labels that you want to have attached to the donations.

Txt2Give Account:

Under the Giving Section, click Keywords. 

Now select the Keyword that you want to connect a label to, or in the case shown, create a New Giving Keyword.

Because you have Planning Center connected to your Txt2Give account, you have an extra field that allows you to tie your Txt2Give keywords to the labels you have created in Planning Center.

Once you have things set-up, make a quick test donation using the keyword you just tied to the Planning Center label. If everything goes through correctly, you're ready to rock!

Keywords and Planning Center Labels (Video)

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