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Creating/Activating Custom Donation Receipts
Creating/Activating Custom Donation Receipts

Customize Your Donation Receipts

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By default, our system sends out a pretty good, though somewhat generic, donation receipt to donors. In most cases, it will get the job done. But sometimes, you need a bit more info in your receipt. Whether it's a specific custom message that you'd like to include or maybe you need to include your organization's Tax ID info. Creating a New Custom Donation Email Template can be done right from your Txt2Give dashboard!

To get started, log in to the Txt2Give Dashboard and click Giving > Donation Email Templates.

Next, click Create One or New Template.

Now you're ready to start putting things together! Start by giving your new template a name. If you would like, you can also assign your new template to only be delivered when a donor gives to a specific Cause! Or, you can just leave that field blank, and the new donation receipt will go out to any donor that makes a donation.

To edit or remove a part of your sample template, just click on one of the blocks of text or existing images shown on the left side of the panel.

When you're ready to add a new element, just drag and drop from the menu on the right side of the panel.

In this example, we're adding a new image/logo. Once your new block has been placed in your template, you'll get a new set of option in the right side of the panel.

Now that your new image/logo has been added, you'll have a few options for making adjustments over in the right side of the panel. Be sure to preview the new changes to make sure they look the way that you want them to. Once you have everything looking the way you want it, click Create Template.

You're almost done! The last thing to do to set your new template "Live" is to activate it! Just click the menu button in the top right corner of the screen and click Activate!

And there you have it! You've created and activated a new donation receipt template! There are no limits to have many templates you can have on your account and, as I mentioned earlier in this article, you can have different templates assigned to specific Causes to allow you to really customize your message to donors.

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