Hidden Causes

Setting-up Causes that don't populate in your cause list.

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From time to time you might want to allow your donors to donate to a Cause that doesn't run all the time. Maybe that's a special offering? Regardless of the reason, you don't want that Cause to show up on the Cause list when your donors regularly text in to donate. You now have the option to make any Cause hidden.

For information on how to create a Cause, click here.

1. In the Txt2Give dashboard, click Giving, then Causes.

2. Find the Cause that you'd like to make hidden, and click Edit.

3. Check the box "Hide this cause from lists". Then click Update Cause.

To correctly use a Hidden Cause, make sure to assign the Cause its own Giving Keyword. For information on setting up Giving Keywords, click here.

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