Giving Keywords are used by donors to start a text donation.  By default, our system-wide Giving Keyword is GIVE.

Giving Keywords can be account-wide, or linked to a specific Cause.

If the keyword is account-wide, the donor will get the opportunity to choose from a list of your Causes when making a donation. 

If the keyword is linked to a specific Cause, the list of Causes will not be shown, and the donation will automatically be attributed to the linked Cause.

Short-code-enabled Giving Keywords

When creating a Giving Keyword, you can make it short-code enabled.  If you do this, donors will text the keyword to our short code (444999) instead of your assigned 10-digit giving number.

Short-code-enabled keywords work a bit differently than regular keywords, so be sure and check out our help article on them.


When creating a Giving Keyword, you can add an optional auto-responder.  This is simply text that will be sent as the first reply after the donor texts the keyword, followed by the usual system message for starting a donation.

You can use the auto-responder to do things like:

  • Let the donor know why their donation is so important
  • Remind them that their donation is tax-deductable
  • Let them know the goal for the current campaign
  • Tell them that a survey will be emailed to them after their donation is complete
  • Anything else you can imagine!

Creating a Giving Keyword

To create a Giving Keyword:

  1. Click Giving, then Keywords
  2. Click New Giving Keyword
  3. Enter the keyword you'd like to use, and optionally set the auto-responder
  4. If you'd like the keyword to be short-code enabled, choose the Use short code checkbox and confirm the popup message
  5. Click Create Giving Keyword

That's it!  Your new keyword is ready to use.

If the keyword you're creating is using the short code and the keyword isn't available, you'll get a message saying so.


Giving Keywords are great to use during a focused campaign when you want to steer donation dollars to a specific Cause without making the donor pick the Cause from a list.  You can also combine a Giving Keyword with a Hidden Cause, so be sure to check those out, too!

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