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Setting up a Cause
Setting up a Cause
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Select Giving -> Causes -> New Cause

Fill in the information needed to create your cause, and you're done!

Setting up your Cause(s) allows you to predesignate specific things that you would like donations to be given to (i.e. General Fund, Tithes, Mission Trip, Back to School Event, by Campus location, etc).

For example, let's say your organization offers three Causes as ways to give:

  1. General Fund

  2. Missions

  3. Building Campaign

When a donor texts in to give, they'll be presented with that list of Causes and asked which cause they would like to give to. They simply select the corresponding number and their donation is applied to that Cause. In the dashboard, you can see what cause each donor gave to and even filter the donation information per Cause, per a timeframe, or even by the donor using the filter box to the right.


  • In order for a cause to be active, and show up for your donors, the box next to the Location field must be checked. If it is not checked, it is not active.

  • DO NOT EVER RENAME AN EXISTING CAUSE. Renaming an existing cause will combine the donation information. Simply deactivate the cause you no longer need & create a new cause. This will allow you to retain the correct donation history for your causes.

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