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Using Keywords and Hidden Causes
Using Keywords and Hidden Causes
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Using Keywords is a great way to get the most out of your Txt2Give account. With your 10-digit giving number, you can use either our default keyword GIVE or you can add as many keywords to your account as you'd like. When you add multiple Causes with their own keywords, you can really get a lot of flexibility out of your account.

Check out the video below on using keywords:

To create new keywords, login to your Txt2Give Dashboard ( Click Giving > Keywords then click Create one.

Here you'll find a field to add keywords to your Cause. You can add as many keywords as you'd like for each Cause. Add a name for the keyword and select a cause for it.

Click Create Giving Keyword to save changes.

Hidden Causes

From time to time you might want to allow your donors to donate to a Cause that doesn't run all the time. Maybe that's a special offering? Regardless of the reason, you don't want that Cause to show up on the Cause list when your donors regularly text in to donate. You now have the option to make any Cause hidden.

1. Create a new Cause or open an Existing Cause

2. Once you're in the edit menu for the Cause, you'll see the option to make your Cause hidden. Be sure to assign a keyword to your Hidden Cause so that donors have a way of accessing it when you direct them to it.

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