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Helping a donor change/cancel their Recurring Donation.
Helping a donor change/cancel their Recurring Donation.
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In some/most cases, donors see that they can login to their donor profile using the link found in their donation receipt, to make changes to their donor account. But, sometimes they don't and they reach out to you for help. There are basically 3 options for making changes/cancelling a recurring donation.

  1. The donor can do change/cancel it themselves, but using the link on their donation receipt or by texting the word UPDATE to your Giving Number. They will be sent back a link that will take them to log in to their donor profile (it's the same link that's included in their donation receipt). There they can see their Giving History, update any of their personal information, and/or make changes to any recurring donations that they might have set-up.

  2. You can change/cancel their recurring gift for them. Just login to the dashboard, click on Giving > Donation Recurrences. From there, just search for their recurring gift and click Edit or Delete.

  3. You can let us know and we'll take care of it for you. Just click on the round Support Chat button found in the lower corner of your screen or drop us an email at and let us know the Name, Phone Number, and Amount of the recurring donation and what changes need to be made to it. We'll let you know when the changes have been made.

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