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Update/Cancelling a Recurring Donation
Update/Cancelling a Recurring Donation
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Being able to set up a scheduled, recurring donation is awesome! But, sometimes those scheduled donations need to be either cancelled or updated. When this happens, you basically have 3 options...

The Donor Can Do It

The donor can update or cancel their recurring donation by simply texting the word UPDATE to same 10-digit Giving Number that they used to create their recurring donation or any other donations that they have given to your organization. When they text UPDATE, they will receive a link back via text message that will allow them to access their donor profile and make the necessary changes.

The Organization Can Do It

As an organization user, you can easily update or cancel a recurring donation when a donor contacts you about it. In the dashboard, click Giving > Donation Recurrences. There you can search for the donor in question to find their donation. To remove the donation, simply click Delete. You can also update/edit their donation by clicking Edit

Txt2Give Support Can Do It

If the first two option don't work out, for whatever reason, just contact Txt2Give support via chat (by clicking the round chat icon found in the corner of the dashboard) or by email ( Just let us know the name and phone number of the donor in question and let us know what needs to be done to the recurring donation (updated or deleted) and we'll take care of it.

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