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How to enable Online Giving
How to enable Online Giving
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Most of you probably already know this, but your Txt2Give account also includes an Online Giving Portal. The Online Giving Portal is disabled by default, but enabling it only takes a few moments and a couple of mouse clicks.

In your Txt2Give dashboard (, click My Account > Settings.

Next, click on the bubble in the top right corner and select 

Scroll down the page to the General Settings section and check the box labeled Enable Online Giving. Then click Update Organization at the bottom of the page.

Now your Online Giving Portal is enabled. Back towards the top of your Settings page, you'll find your Online Giving URL. This URL can be plugged into your existing webpage - either through iframe or embedded in a link button.

Be sure to click the Preview and Customize button to set the header and font colors of your Online Giving Page.

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