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Donation Message Customizations
Donation Message Customizations
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Some of the donation text responses can be customized to say anything you'd like.

Current responses that can be customized are:

  • Donation thank you message (Text Donation Success)

Available Languages

The current languages that can be used for customizations are:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • French-Canadian

The language used will be determined by either your Organization's default language setting, or the language setting for the donor's assigned Location.

Variable Substitution

When customizing the message responses, you can use variables that will be substituted with values from our system.

Variables must be surrounded by %{} , for example %{donor_first_name} .  In this example, %{donor_first_name}  will be replaced buy the donor's first name for the current donation.

The current variables that can be used for each message type are listed in the following sections.

Text Donation Success

  • donor_first_name 

  • donation_amount 

  • cause_name 

  • organization_name 

Creating a Message Customization

To create a Message Customization:

  1. Click My Account, then Message Customizations

  2. Click New Message Customization

  3. Choose the desired language for the customization.

  4. Next, choose the customization type from the drop down.  Only language-type customization combinations that haven't already been created will be available.

  5. The default message for this customization type and language will be automatically entered.   Customize the message however you'd like.

  6. Click Create Message Customization

That's it!  Now your custom message will be shown when the response is returned to to the donor.

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