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What do the different Donation states mean?
What do the different Donation states mean?
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You can view all of your donations, text and online (if you use our online giving) all in one convenient place, the Donations page. By default this page shows you all donations, successful & unsuccessful.

Out to the right of the individual donation, you will see a State column that will show you the state/status of each of that donation.

So what do those states/status mean, and why are they important?

Well, I'm glad you asked. They are an important way to easily see whether or not your donors are giving successfully, and here is what each of those mean:

  • Collected - The donation was successful.

  • Received - The donation has been included in a deposit to your bank account.

  • Pending* - The donor confirmed the donation amount, but did not complete the registration. The donation is not successful until the donor completes the registration.

  • Unconfirmed* - The donor has started the donation process, but abandoned the giving process before confirming the donation amount.

  • Refunded - The donation has been refunded by you. Donors cannot refund their own donations & we will never refund a transaction for a donor. We instruct them to contact you, just so that you are aware of the refund.

  • Failed - There was an error while trying to charge the donor for the donation. This is due to a credit card failure of some type (not enough funds/donor info doesn't match card info/etc).

  • Expired - The donor confirmed the donation, but failed to register their payment details within 7 days. This donation can no longer be collected.

*As a courtesy, our system will send out up to 3 reminders, beginning 1 day after any gift is not completed, asking the donor to complete their gift.

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