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Let's get your account setup! Below is a step-by-step that will get you up and running in just a few short minutes. Please make sure to read and complete the steps carefully.  

Setup Organization Profile

My Account > Settings > Edit (found in menu button in top right corner)

Organization Details Section

  • Make sure the name of your organization and address are how you want them to appear (check spelling/caps/etc). This is exactly how the information will appear on the text messages, and on the donation receipts that your donors receive.

  • Customize your giving page colors by clicking Preview & Customize next to the giving URL

 General Settings Section

  • Upload logo (if you didn't do this during signup)

  • Set your minimum donation amount (default is $1)

  • Enable online giving (if desired). Online giving is already included in all of our plans to help you streamline your giving, but it is disabled by default.  If you want to use it, you must enable it in your account. This allows you to offer your donors a more cohesive, branded giving experience, and it can also be embedded into your current site if you wish.

Setup User Details

My Account > Users > New User

  • For the security of your account, anyone that will be accessing the platform MUST be added as a user on the account, and have their own login.

  • We recommend that you have at least two users on the account. We do not store login credentials for you, so if the only person that has access to Txt2Give leaves your organization, you will not be able to access the account.

Setup Location(s) (multi-site campus only)

My Account > Locations > New Location

  • This allows you to accept donations for your different campus locations.

  • When a donor gives for the first time and selects the location, our system will assign them to that same location for future giving. They will not be prompted to specify a location on any future gifts.

Setup Cause(s)

Giving > Causes > New Cause

  • This allows you to set up different areas (causes) that your donors can give to. In order for a cause to be active, and show up as an option for your donors, the box next to the location (in the example below, the location is called Main) must be checked. This applies to any additional locations that you have created.

  • Causes can be location-specific (if you have more than one location setup). Just select the location(s) that the cause should belong to.

  • NEVER edit the name of a cause with existing donations tied to it. Doing so will combine the donation history of the first cause with the new renamed cause. Simply deactivate the unwanted cause, by unchecking the box next to the location. This allows you to keep the giving history, but the cause won't show up on the list for the donors any longer.

  • You can choose to allow recurring donations and require your donor to confirm their donation amount per individual cause. By default, this is turned on. Simply uncheck the appropriate box to disable the feature.

Setup Payment Gateway

My Account > Gateways > New Gateway

  • You will not be able to accept donations until you connect your gateway. You must connect a payment gateway in order for the merchant account processor to be able to process donations and deposit those into your bank account.

  • Select your payment gateway from the dropdown list and complete the information required. If you have questions, just contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Do a Test Donation - DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!

Complete a test donation, including the registration step using the instructions provided in your Welcome message. Doing a test donation is what lets you know if there is a problem with the connection to your payment processor before you introduce this to your donors.

If you receive an error from the payment processor after submitting a donation, please check out the most common reasons here. you will need to contact your payment processor directly to resolve the error. We do not have access to your merchant account to be able to see why the error happened.  If there is an issue with your connection, your donors will not be able to give.


Our Knowledge Base, under the Support tab, is available 24/7 to help answer your most common questions. Should you have any questions, the quickest way to reach us is by:

  • clicking the blue circle in the lower right corner of your dashboard screen, or

  • under the Support tab, or

  • or email us directly at

All questions will be handled during our normal office hours, which are Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm CST. We will be available for any emergency-only needs outside of these hours, should they ever happen.

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