Dashboard Tour

This short video will help you quickly know where to find things in the dashboard, and it make setting up the rest of your account much quicker and easier. You can also find this video in the Knowledge Base, under the Support tab, any time that you need to refer back to it.

Complete the Setup Checklist

This checklist will walk you through the basics of completing your setup., connecting your payment gateway, and doing a test donation. You can also find this checklist in the Knowledge Base, under the Support tab, any time that you need to refer back to it.

Create a Launch Strategy

Take a few minutes, and come up with a game plan of how you want to introduce this to your donors. If you simply throw it out there and hope for the best, your donors may not respond as well as they could have.

Here are the types of questions that should be part of your strategy…

  1. When are you going to launch?

  2. Will you do a buildup to the launch?

  3. How will you launch?

  4. Will you incorporate this in social media and on your website (highly recommended!!) (use the custom image we provide)

  5. Who will be the one to do a live donation in front of your donors? (#1 most successful approach)

  6. How will you effectively communicate that donors must complete the one-time registration step in order for your organization to receive that donation? (This step is how we obtain the donor’s information for your records, issue the donation receipt for you, and how the payment processor process the donation and deposits into the bank account that you have specified with them. If the donor does not complete the one-time registration step, none of this can happen.)

  7. Where will you be advertising text giving to our donors?

Get Your Staff on Board

If you have a regular staff meeting, try it out as a group. This will help ensure that everyone knows the “basics” in case any of the donors approach them with questions. This is also a great time to collaborate and come up with a launch plan, too. Throw in some donuts, and win, win!

If you don’t have the chance to get everyone together, then send out a quick message to your staff, letting them know about the option and asking them to try it out so that they can familiarize themselves with it so that they can answer any questions that your donors might have.

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