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3 Easy Steps to Text Giving Success
3 Easy Steps to Text Giving Success
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to text giving success

1. Make sure and let your donors know that you now have a way for them to give via text message.

Use the custom image that we sent you. Display it on a large screen for your donors, in emails, on social media, and definitely on your website. Donors need an easy and convenient way to find the info, no matter where/when they look.

2. Get your staff or volunteers on board.

Make sure everyone knows how to answer "So hey, how do I give by text message?" if they are asked by one of your donors.

3. Remind them regularly that you have text giving.

Keep in mind that not everyone will read that email you sent, or see that post or tweet, or be there when you mentioned it. We live in a busy world. Regularly remind your donors how to give, and make it easy for them to find your giving number.

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