You might have seen us mention your Custom Images a few times in the onboarding emails that we've sent out. Basically, those are images that are offered to you to help spread awareness that your organization offers text giving, and increase your chances of having more people donate to your cause. Make sure, and let everyone know, regularly, that you have text giving.

They won't use it if they don't know about it. Not everyone may have seen that one email you sent or that announcement on social media. We're all so busy these days that things easily slip our minds. So it's important (and appreciated) to remind people regularly.

They're great for use on:

  • your website's giving page

  • your social media newsfeed

  • printed materials

  • emails/newsletters

  • overhead screens during events or services

Our custom image usually shows clear and simple instructions for donors to follow in the process of giving to your cause. And, the lower-third is an overlay that takes up what’s known as the “title-safe” lower area of the screen, which is great for livestreams. See below the sample of the custom images:

Custom Image

Lower third

Custom images with your giving number help to make spreading the word easier. If you don't have these already, simply reach out and let us know if you would like us to send you one.

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