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Connect Txt2Give to Church Community Builder
Connect Txt2Give to Church Community Builder
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There are a few steps to link your Txt2Give account to your CCB account before they will fully integrate correctly.

Here is a video, if you would rather follow along that way.

Create a CCB API User

In your CCB dashboard, click on the Settings gear and select API from the drop down menu


Click Add new API user. CCB requires you to have a separate API user set up just for Txt2Give


On the User Information page, enter Txt2Give in the Name field. In the Username field, txt2give must be all lowercase. Your account will not connect correctly if you don’t. 

Finish completing the form and click Save.


Click on the "Users" tab and select Txt2Give from the list of users. Then click on the highlighted Txt2Give Name (not username) in the API User Account Details section. 

Click on the Services tab (located right next to the User tab)







Click save

Connect Txt2Give with CCB

Go to My Account > Settings > Edit (in the menu button in the top right corner) in your Txt2Give dashboard.

Scroll down to ChMS settings and select Church Community Builder

  1. Enter your church code

  2. Enter txt2give (all lowercase) in the API Username field

  3. Enter your CCB API password that you used when you created the new user account

Click Update Organization

Link your Causes

Select Giving > Causes > Edit. Check the first location box that you have set up (Main), and choose the CCB category that you want the donation to go in to. Click Update Cause. Repeat for each location that you have set up.

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