We do our best to automatically match donations made through Txt2Give to the correct person in F1. Usually donations will be automatically inserted into F1 and there is nothing at all you will need to do.

But if you ever have the need to override our matching algorithm and specify which Person record in F1 needs to be matched to the donor if Txt2Give, you can!

Finding the Person ID in Fellowship One

To find the Person ID in your Fellowship One account for which you wish to link the Txt2Give donor, watch this short video below (there is no sound).

Enter the F1 Person ID in the Txt2Give donor record

On the donor record in Txt2Give, there is a field called External ID. You can enter the ID of the Person in F1 you found above, and our system will forego searching for the donor in F1, and instead attribute the donation directly to the person in F1 matching that ID.

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