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How does Txt2Give match records in Fellowship One?
How does Txt2Give match records in Fellowship One?
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When a donation is made with Txt2Give, we search your Fellowship One database in real time for the correct person using their name and phone number. If we find a single match, we will create a contribution receipt and attach it to that person. We will include the Txt2Give reference number, as well as the transaction ID in the memo.

No records found

If we don't find a match in F1, this is what happens:

  • A new Household is created

  • A new Person is created, tied to the Household

  • A new Address is created for the Person

  • A Contribution Receipt is created and attributed to the new Person

More than one record found

Sometimes we may find more than one person in F1 that matches the name and phone number. Maybe there are duplicate records, or maybe one person in the database is also listed as an emergency contact on another record. Whatever ther reason, we can't create the contribution receipt automatically in these situations because we don't know which person record is the correct one.

When this happens, we'll send an email to the contact email address listed for your organization to alert that this has happened. The email will contain instructions on how to resolve the issue, and get the donation added to F1.

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