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Monthly plan - How to reactivate your txt2give account
Monthly plan - How to reactivate your txt2give account

The article will guide you on how to reactivate your txt2give monthly plan

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For returning monthly plan users, to reactivate your account and start receiving donations, you simply need to write to support indicating that you want your account reactivated. You can use the chatbox on any of our pages or send a mail to, and we'll get right on it for you.

It is important to note that your card on file will be billed immediately for the monthly plan, and a new giving number will be assigned to your account. Also, you will need to reconnect your payment gateway before you can start receiving donations. However, if the reactivation is taking place within 1 week of cancelation, the payment gateway and giving number will still be intact.

In a situation where your card on file has expired or is not valid, you can follow this guide to update your card on file, and we can also jump on a call with you to do that for you.

In summary, after a successful rebill transaction for the subscription, a new giving number, and a properly connected payment gateway, you will be able to start receiving donations again.

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