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How to lower your Txt2Give invoice?
How to lower your Txt2Give invoice?
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That is a very interesting question that has been asked a few times in support. Depending on the plan that you are currently on, there are a few options you can look at to lower your invoice. We recently launched a new plan some months ago, and it's $19/mo plus a 1% platform fee on every donation. It is affordable and the percentage of the platform is relatively low. This could be a good one if you are on any of the older plans and are seeing a lower donation volume.

The other alternative is our unadvertised Percentage Only Plan! On that plan, we'd trade your monthly subscription for a higher percentage collected of 3.5%. So, you'd only pay for the service when you're seeing activity on your account. The way it works is that Txt2Give would collect 3.5% from the deposit of any collected funds with no monthly payment to the payment platform as well. So, in that situation, there is no "out-of-pocket" expense and if you don't raise any funds, it won't cost you anything. Keep in mind that this does not include the payment gateway processing fees.

Please note that these options are viable if your donation volume is on the low side. If your account is experiencing a high donation volume, it may end up costing you a lot more.

Lastly, the option that is more cost-saving is a new feature we recently released. It's labeled "Allow donors to pay processing fees" on the settings page of your dashboard. It gives the donors option to help cover your processing fees. When enabled, donors can add a little to their donation to help offset your processing fees if they make the choice during the donation process.

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