Short code keywords are either a Giving Keyword that is short-code-enabled or any Engagement Keyword.  


Short code keywords cost $5 USD per month and are used in conjunction with our short code, which is 444999.

How they work

To use a short code keyword, the donor will need to text the keyword to the short code instead of one of your 10-digit giving numbers.  After they text the keyword, they will receive the auto-responder reply message that's set up for the keyword from a newly-assigned communication number that is bound to that donor's mobile number.

Here's a quick video showing the process, with a donor texting the short code keyword T2GINFO:

As you can see, the donor texts the keyword to 444999 but receives the auto-responder back on 36546, which is the communication number that's bound to this donor's mobile phone.  Any future messages sent to this donor or replies sent from this donor will be sent over 36546.  Not 444999.


Our short code is shared among all of our customers, so the availability of a particular keyword depends on whether or not another customer has it reserved in their account.

When to use a short code keyword

Short code keywords are typically used when:

  • High volume of messages in a short period of time are expected, like a professional sports event, TV commercial, or some other large event where thousands of people are expected to text at the same time.
  • The call-to-action is given out over an auditory medium like radio or PA system, as opposed to a visual medium like a billboard or magazine ad, or website or social media.
  • The call-to-action lasts for a very short time, again like in a radio or TV commercial, or by a conference speaker where the call-to-action info can't be displayed on a large screen.
  • A shorter, easier-to-remember giving number is just preferred over a longer 10-digit number.
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