We included a Setup Checklist in the Welcome message to help you quickly finish setting up your account. You will need to finish your account setup before you will be able to accept donations.

Simply text GIVE to

inbound_number, and follow the prompts. This helps you see how the giving process works from a donor's point of view & also verifies that the account is setup correctly. If you do receive an error during your test, check out the common reasons here.

Everyone's donors are different, so take a few minutes and have a game plan for yours. Don't just throw your giving number out and hope for the best. No effort = poor results. Think about your donors and what works best to reach them.

Be excited about your new giving option! If you aren't, your donors won't be either. Keep it simple, too. Tell your donors to "Text GIVE to (  your giving number)" , and our system will walk them through the process. Use the customized image we sent you to make this even easier.

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